18 Nov

DIY Personal Mission Statement:

It’s not as easy as it sounds to make a mark in the corporate world without a mission statement in place. Imagine two different baby products companies servicing the same part of the world. Would you rather choose one (for your kids) that showcases rigorous work ethics as derived from their mission statement than the other that doesn’t display any sort of moral boundaries whatsoever? How would you, as a customer, know if the life-like doll or the DIY miniature tent provided by the firm is reliable enough to suit the needs and ensure the safety of your child?

A proper mission statement encompasses everything that your company, or you as an entrepreneur, do for the public. Without one, you are like a tortoise without a shell, vulnerable enough to be trodden down by a superior species with a strong mission statement carapace. However, how to make a personal mission statement that can not only advertise your expertise to your potential clients in a handful of few words but also remind you time and again what your business stands for? Before we dive into the answer to this question, let us take a look at what a basic mission statement comprises of.

The Fundamentals of a Personal Mission Statement:

You may have come across several mission statements, personal and business, in all your years of professional service. Even your next-door neighbor may have a family mission statement in place. And if a housewife/househusband can boast of an incredibly sophisticated presentment, then what keeps you from writing a personal mission statement, a fine one at that, of your own? It doesn’t matter if you are a working employee at a start-up or the CEO of a multinational conglomerate. A personal mission statement embodies the values and/or morals that you live or work by. You should ideally ask yourself the following four questions while penning one,

·        What are your talents (job-related or otherwise)?

·        How would you define your personality?

·        What are your dreams and passions, and how would you go about incorporating them in your current life of work?

·        Where do you draw the line or establish a viable boundary?

Take all these questions into consideration and write down the answers to each off the top of your head. Post that, you only need to summarize your answers in one or two sentences. This entire process isn’t as simple as it sounds, though. It’s far easier than that!

How to Write an Alluring Mission Statement? :

So, once you have managed to answer the four aforementioned questions, you will be done with half of the work. The remaining half involves writing a short, elegant description that encompasses the important points of all your answers. Easy enough? Let’s proceed to actually writing a personal mission statement.

·        Jot down the KEYWORDS of all the answers: For instance, if you have defined your personality as, “My thinking process is quick, thus making my decisions quicker still. I stand by my decisions right till the very last moment, convincing everyone around me to agree with my POV. However, if after a healthy debate, I realize that the opposition made a few really strong points against my opinions, then I don’t shy away from accepting my defeat and change my decisions.” The KEYWORDS in this answer would be something like, ‘quick decision-making’, ‘strong conviction’, and ‘the ability to accept defeat with grace’.

·        Consolidate those KEYWORDS into a coherent sentence or two: Let us take the previous example itself. Your coherent sentence would go like this, “Capability to quickly make a decision and stand by it, but never hesitate to accept a different yet feasible point of view.”

·        Add a preposition before the sentence: And that is how your coherent sentence will transform into an acceptable mission statement. Here’s one of the many examples of a personal mission statement that can be made out of the aforementioned sentence, “To quickly make a decision and stand by it, but always ready and willing to change it based on the feasible points made by others.”

·        Examples of the most popular mission statements: Without further ado, let us browse through famous statements made by well-known brands in the world,

o   Nike Mission Statement: ‘To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.’ Right from the basic renditions of their answers, Nike has managed mash up their business premise in a single sentence with élan.

o   Starbucks Mission Statement: ‘To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.’ This one is soulful and delicious at the same time!

o   Walmart Mission Statement: ‘To save people money so they can live better.’ The common man’s livelihood depends upon their monthly savings; and Walmart has managed to define its business model with utter simplicity here.

As you might have noticed, all the above mission statements begin with a preposition, iterating that the statement that follows is their action plan. It shows their potential customers that they can do everything to meet their clients’ expectations and more! Additionally, their employees can refer to the respective company statements as a gold standard for their services.

Similar is the case with personal mission statements. You can let your clients know what you are offering in one or two mesmerizingly opulent sentences and also establish a moral or professional boundary that distinguishes your personal endeavors. Let us roll back to our original example to understand this better.

Playmates Toys, one of the leading Asian companies, defines their services in an extremely simple yet acutely informational manner, “To deliver high quality, safe and innovative toys to the consumer.” The said boundaries here include quality yet safe products, but that doesn’t stop them from experimenting on newer, better toys! Thus, make sure that your mission statement doesn’t prevent you from thinking outside the box, but at the same time, it also limits you to adhere to a certain set of self-anointed ethics.